Eliminating the risk associated with transporting biohazardous fluids in liquid form, Absorb! solidifies and encapsulates up to 40 times its own weight of blood, fluids, and other liquid medical waste. Absorb! is essential in minimizing the risk of exposure for healthcare workers handling infectious medical waste.

Screw Cap Solidifiers

By quickly and completely solidifying liquid medical waste at its point of generation, this medical engineering control reduces the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

Absorb! is bottled in every standard suction canister size, from 500cc to 14,000cc, and currently protects thousands of healthcare workers nationally. Absorb! is available through all major healthcare distributors, including Owens & Minor, Cardinal, Medline and McKesson-PSS, or directly through Northfield.


Spout Cap Solidifiers

For easy access to the smaller ports on suction canister lids, Absorb! spout cap bottles allow healthcare workers to completely solidify the contents of virtually any size suction canister, minimizing the risk of airborne particulate exposure. Using the same proprietary polymer blend contained in the screw cap Absorb! bottles, our spout cap solidifiers provide the fastest, most thorough solidification in the industry.


Specialty Solidifiers

Northfield has developed a number of medical solidifiers for custom applications. For instance, our AbsorbWB product is used in certain hospital recovery rooms for the solidification of drainage blood. This proprietary blend of superabsorbent polymers works more effectively than any competitive products in the rapid solidification of human blood. Contact Northfield directly if you wish to discuss a specialty product or the development of a custom solution for your solidifier needs.